Neptune – 30 years anniversary

Everything has gone really fast even though it took more than 30 years before we finally will get our hands on a vinyl with our band name on it. During the weekend, all members of Neptune met for the first time since 1986. A lot of forgotten memories from the good old days came back to us during the 5 hour get-together we had.

Neptune – 1985

Even the reason for all of this which happens us right now came to visit us. The reason is Christian Liljegren, the singer from the rock band Narnia. Christian came across some of our older recordings and started to talk about them and shared them on social media.

Neptune & Christian Liljegren from Narnia
Neptune & Christian Liljegren from Narnia

This meant that our songs somewhat later found their way to the record company Sonic Age/Cult Metal Classics and that we soon have our CD and vinyl in our hand.

30 years anniversary

We also took opportunity to take some bandphotos to celebrate this special occasion. As you can see, there are literally 30 years between the picture below and the topmost picture.

Neptune – 30 years later