First Neptune show announced

We have received a bunch of requests from various venues and festivals if we were interested to visit them. Neptune hasn´t played together for over thirty years so we needed a lot of thoughts and thinking before we made any decisions. In short, you do not just get up on stage as nothing has happened. Hey it´s over thirty years ago since we did it last time. Our thoughts was that if we should do it, then it must be damn good and well-rehearsed and of course a show that our fans will remember.

Into Battle festival

into battle

To date, we have said no, or rather, that we will be happy to return at a later date. This until recently, when we decided to book our first show. Well, it’s a bit into the future. Yea, even in the last month of the year. The festival is “Into Battle” and it will take place on 14 and 15 December in Athens. Day and time for Neptune has not been announced yet. But as soon as we know, we will communicate it on all platforms.

Will there be more shows? Well, nothing booked yet but we would not be totally surprised if something would happen close to the aforementioned date.

Do you prefer vinyl in black or green?

The vinyl edition of “Land of Northern” has been available to order for a while. That both in standard color, which is black and limited edition in blue / green tone. If you have not ordered it yet, you can easily do it with our friends at Cult Metal Classic and their web shop. There is also a small number of CD discs left, so hurry up before they run out if you haven’t got it yet.