Dusty photographs and worn out cassette tapes

When we first were contacted by the record company who showed interest in releasing Neptune’s songs from the good old 80’s. We were both astonished and surprised. To be honest, it didn’t take long until we all started to go through our basements and wardrobes for photo albums and old original recordings from the time it all started. We even found the original painting for the Land of Northern album.


It’s like making a huge puzzle

Many long-forgotten memories soon became apparent and inevitable, it felt like we were back in our the sweaty Neptune rehearsal room where we all spent hundreds and hundreds of hours. In addition to the songs that will be released on the record. We have found a lot of exciting bands and recordings that have never seen the light of the day. In the meaning that they have never been on any streaming site as You Tube and Sound Cloud.

Fragile and broken

Something that you discover when inserting old cassette tapes in the player. Have they not been played for many years, they can be extremely fragile. I myself got 3 breakouts during a sweaty Saturday afternoon. But shame on the one who gives up. Just get a screwdriver, tweezers, a scalpel and a bit of tape. And everything on the tape was more or less possible to make its way to the hard drive.

In addition to the overlay of old dry cassettes and Dat tapes of Neptune, we have also photographed many of the old pictures. Like the painting I mentioned above. They have all been restored in various programs before they found their way to the website and in the CD.