Countdown to release – the wait is soon over

As of today, its only one month left for our highly anticipated album to be released. A preview of the booklet just arrived in our mailbox.  I would say that awesome isn’t strong enough. Many thanks go to Cult Metal Classics and Janne Stark for their amazing job with this.

Last week, three of us rehearsed and played some tracks for the first time in over thirty years’ time. It didn’t take long before we succeeded to play the songs Protector, Horse and Love Game from start to end. The feeling you experience when all part in the puzzle find its place is just unbeatable.

More videos in the making

The rehearsal was not just because we wanted to meet, have fun and recreate some rock vibes from the good old 80’s. It was also to prepare ourselves for our upcoming video shoot that will take place shortly. We just found an old video from 1987 and the quality isn’t really what we wanted and hoped for. So we decided that we need to make some new ones.  In addition to a few songs that will be recorded, we will also take a few more promo pictures and start and we will be planning for album nr II. This will be an album with brand new songs made in a modern Neptune style.

Neptune Live 1987

It might be a trilogy in the end

Yea, we haven’t even released our first album yet and we are already in the preparation of the second one. Hey why not keep them coming when the oven is still warm. We found out that we have at least 15 songs left from the 80´s and a bunch of new one’s in the making. So, we decided that the wait is over, 30 years is enough. More information will be distributed later this year. If you don’t want to miss it, please subscribe to our newsletter below.