Updates from Neptune camp

Time for some update from Neptune’s headquarter. As we announced earlier, we decided, together with the organizer of “Into Battle”, to move our participation to a later date. The reason was that we didn’t had all the members in place in the band. This is however finally in order and we hereby welcome Anders Lindqvist to the band as a guitarist in the band… and now we are finally a “twin guitar” band once again.

More to come

We can now also announce that the plan for a triple EP has been set in motion. Yes, that embryo is now rolling. We have already started to record the drums. We have had a very interesting and learning trip throughout the year, since we have not played together for over 30 years. In short, there were a lot of things that needed both discussed and tested before we proceeded. “Keep Us Alive” and “Dreamer” released earlier this year, which we are very pleased with were done technically differently than the older songs from “Land of Northern”.

For the upcoming recordings have we gone back to a more basic approach as we had in previous recordings, so more back to basic is what we aspire to.

Without saying too much, our planning and production has a longer time span then just one EP. So join us on our journey which will take you not only 30 years back, but over a 1000 years back in time. We have something really exciting for you. Neptune – Ruler of the sea is soon back again.

In addition to our gig during spring in Athens, we are also currently negotiating with booking agents in Sweden. Hope to share positive results shortly.