Neptune – Legends from the North

The beginning of the story Legends from the North takes place at the beginning of time… Or at least in the early 80’s when the internet had not yet been introduced to the common man. Tape trading was an important part of band’s way of spreading their music and the band Neptune had just recorded their first demo tape – Join the battle.

The band’s common thought and feeling were that this demo would be the beginning of the band’s future career, but for some unknown reason, this tape ended up in the drawer instead.

The band wrote a bunch of new songs that later ended up on the album Land of Northern. Luckily, the tape Join the battle has now been excavated from the drawer together with some other early demos of some of the songs from the Land of Northern album. But it doesn’t stop there. The band and the legendary Jawbreaker Records have put together…  not only one tape but a triple box called –  Legends from the North.

This cassette box is a really unique collector’s item with metal music that spans over 40 years. In this exclusive and limited cassette box, the band has included “Join the battle”, ie the tape that has been hidden from the world since the early 80’s. Land of Northern, and finally the band’s latest album Northern Steel, with two additional alternative versions of two songs from the album.

As of today is the box available for purchase as a pre-order item from Jawbreaker records. This box is made in a limited edition, so if you are an extensive collector, don’t wait too long. It will surely run out sooner than later…

New songs never released before on tape one:

  • The Battle
  • Nightmare Special
  • Breaking it up
  • I can feel the power
  • What is life