The Band

 Ray Alex – Vocal

Ray Alex was born in Huddinge Stockholm in 1963 as Reine Alexandersson. He started to gain interest for playing guitars at the age of 11. He later recorded his first record a (single) at the age of 14. In 1979 when Ray was 16 years old he teamed up with one of his best friends and his brother Rowland and formed Warreins which 1.5 years later changed name to Neptune. After the departure of Neptune, Ray played in various bands as Glory (1988-89) West End (1989-90) and JAR which existed on and off between (1990-2005) Ray has always been an energetic song and lyrics writer and have written songs in many band constellations. Today, after Neptunes reunion late 2017, his will for creating songs have continued with no reduction of his “call” to write songs. He also have a passion for “Ravens”.

Rowland Alex – Bass

Roland Alexandersson was born in 1967 in the southern part of Stockholm. When he was 12 years old, his brother put an ugly red bass in his hand and told him to play!  After a few weeks he joined his brothers band  – Warreins. When Warreins ended, he started the pop band Dead End. The longing for tougher music made Neptune to be formed in the early 80’s with his brother Ray Alex, Tommy and Johnny. After Neptune officially quitted in 1987, he played bass and made songs with some other musicians. After a year, the bass was laid on the shelf and he became a singer in the band Back Draft. Back Draft ended in the early 90’s. Then, until the resurrection of Neptune 2017, it was only time for sparingly songwriting. So in 2017, Neptune was brought to life and then the burning interest in metal music and the wonderful wooden thing with 4 strings came back in his hands once again.

Anders (Marlow) Olsson – Guitar

Anders Olsson was born in the mid 60’s in the southern part of Sweden. He bought his first guitar right after he got his hands on the first Van Halen’s album and did everything to copy the song Eruption not by note. Anders played in a couple of obscure local bands during the latter part of the 70’s and started up the band Excetra, which was the band that later played as a support act for Neptune. The rest is history. After Neptune ended in 1987, Anders started the band Unicorn (1987-88) where Tosh Ason played drums. Other bands that Anders participated in are In Time (1989-90) and JAR (1990-2005). He put the guitar on the shelf after Jar and has showed a great interest in photography, which is used from time to time in Neptune as well.

Tosh Ason – Drums

Tosh Ason was born in August 1969 in Älvsjö, southern Stockholm, as Jan Andersson. He studied drums already at the age of nine, until the teacher was out of notes. He put together his first rock band (1978 -1986), later known as Line Out. Tosh also played in other Swedish hard rock bands as Unicorn (1987-88), In Time (1989-90), JAR (1990-2005) among others. Tosh was also a founder and member of the pop band Jam Planet (1997-2002) who ended up on the radio lists in Japan. Today Tosh Ason also makes his own releases, as well as for others. During his work as a songwriter and producer he was asked to join Neptune when he started produce their upcoming single. Well guys, why not!