Restarting the engine… once again

The last flight of the Rafven

After many long discussions, we made the decision to fulfill our booked gigs, albeit with a slightly different band constellation than it was intended from the beginning. Anyhow, this is also our way to pay tribute to our dear friend and band member Ray “Rafven“ Alex.

We realized that the only person who could fill Ray’s void in the front of the mic stand is his dear brother Rowland Alex. That means that Tosh Ason will take over the duties as our bass player, giving Rowland more room to focus on the role as a vocalist. For those of you who have followed us the last year or so will Tosh not be a completely foreign face. He played drums with us as well as he helped us to produce our single releases back in 2018.

Booked gigs

As you might know, we canceled (or postponed) the gig at The Abyss the 28/3. The new date will be the 12/5 together with the band Mystik. It will (as mention before) be our first gig in over 30 years. With that said, during the fall, if not sooner, we will also release more material, as we recorded 5 songs short before Ray´s hasty demise. We are right now just finishing the last bits and pieces for the upcoming gigs. After that is it time to once again fill the inkwell to take you further in the band’s somewhat motley history. Well, we still have a huge bucket list to fulfill.