Neptune – killer majestic Swedish steel is back again

If you haven’t pre-ordered our album Northern Steel yet, head over to our webshop already today.  Here are some nice words from StreetClip (DE).

New songs but NEPTUNE has immediately certified that they have lost none of their classic magic. They still taste like a melodic NWoBHM band or, accordingly, as a pioneer of the NWoSHM. Besides that, they prove that every song has a certain hymn-factor. 8.5 /10


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Our third single Angels from the upcoming album Northern Steel.

Our second single Last man standing from the upcoming album Northern Steel.

Our first single Fallen Nations from the upcoming album Northern Steel.

Here is a teaser from our upcoming  album  Northern Steel

We have just signed with Melodic Passion Records… but that’s not all, we have also got a worldwide distribution deal for our upcoming album… Read more



Our tribute to Ray “Rafven Alex” – “The last flight of The Rafven” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Below you will find videos from “The last flight of The Rafven”,  “I want you to know” and “Where is the stranger”.

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Video from our gig at Muskelrock 2019 – The Horse.


Finally, it´s time to announce our first Swedish show on Swedish soil. We are very proud to inform you that Neptune is the first announced band on the 2019´s Muskelrock. Well, it’s about half a year away so we wouldn’t be surprised if something more would be announced before we enter the stage in Bälinge…

More info about Muskelrock and where to buy tickets.


We can as of today finally publish the date and place for our absolute first gig for over 30 years. Sunday, May 12, will we enter the stage at The Abyss together with Mystik from Stockholm. Tickets to be found at The Abyss website, pick them up before it’s too late.

Reviews of The last flight or The Rafven

StreetClip – 8.5 / 10

Metal Brothers

Metal News

Reviews of Land of Northern

Sweden Rock Magazine #5 – 8 / 10

El Comenta Mierda – 8.5 / 10

Metal Temple – 8 / 10

StreetClip – 8/10

Metal Brothers – 8.5 / 10

Metal Invader – n.r.

Hard Music Base – 9 / 10

Metal News – 75% / 100%

Neptune is Widely considered by most heavy metal gurus as one of the best unsigned Epic Metal bands from Sweden in the 80’s. With an image and song writing style like a cross between IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH and MANOWAR. The band penned some great classic heavy metal tunes and managed to gain a cult status among demo collectors and underground metal fans around the globe. MAJOR WARNING! This is not just another Swedish metal band. This is KILLER majestic Swedish steel that deserves a place up there with the best. 

These kind words are from Cult Metal Classics, the label who released our album Land of Northern. Now also live on Spotify and on Deezer.

The resurrection

Neptune worked long and well with their debut album in the mid 80’s. Several record companies showed great interest and the album were only signatures away from being released on vinyl as well as on CD. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and the album ended up in the freezer for a very long time.

Something that the band wasn’t aware of was that there were “fans” who had managed to get access of parts of the recordings and other demos from Neptune’s glory days, which eventually found their way out on different forums and You Tube.

Late in the fall of 2017, some of these recordings came to Cult Metal Classics attention. CMC immediately showed interested. A complete recording from the 80’s that had never seen the day light was just in front of them . After some investigation with help from their Swedish representative Janne Stark. It didn’t take long time before the ink had dried and a release date was set. That for both CD as well as vinyl. Just as it was supposed from the very start for over 30 years ago. If you want to know more of the history of Neptune, make sure to read The True Story of Neptunes Rise, Fall and Resurrection.

The CD is now possible to order from Cult Metal Classics and other web stores.