The last flight of The Rafven

Almost 40 years ago, a group of young dudes embarked the basement and started to write songs like Enemies, Protector and The Horse, just to name a few. Several demos were recorded during the 80s but never released, not even on demo cassette. Well, it takes until early 2000s before a few of these songs started to find their way to new fans around the world in some mysterious way. Well, we need to thank the internet for that.

In February 2018, the band got the opportunity to release many of their old demos and recordings… at last… but there was more unrevealed material from some old tapes from when the band rehearsed back in the 80´s. Ray “Rafven” Alex had a desire and dream to release even those songs. The project “Ruler of the sea” went from idea to reality late 2018 and the recording of the remaining songs and some new once started.

Ruler of the sea

As many of you now know, project “Ruler of the sea” could not be completed as it was meant due to sad circumstances. Well, we never got the opportunity to finish it before our beloved friend and singer passed away. We have after our mourning period compiled the songs we recorded during 2018 and the songs we started to record one cold winter weekend early January 2019. This collection is named “The last flight of The Rafven” and it can now be found on all digital streaming services…

Where is the stranger

For some mysterious reason, everyone in the band filmed a little extra on their mobile phones during the last weekend with Ray Alex in the studio/rehearsal room. These clips form the basis of the video “Where is the stranger”. The end of the video is literally the last pictures taken with Ray Alex.

There are several people we want to thank and that have been a contributing factor to the band and that we even made this release. Christian Liljegren, Janne Stark, Johan Rosth, Hoffe at Cosmos Mastering, Kostas at Cult Metal Classic our former Neptune bandmates Tommy Mikkonen and Johnny Östergren and last but not least, the one and only Ray “Rafven” Alex.

To be continued…