Neptune – Northern Steel

Time for some exciting news from the Neptune camp. We have just signed for Melodic Passion Records for our upcoming release. The man behind this company is no stranger to us. He was one of the guys that made sure that our material from the ’80s showed up in Greece which ended up in our release of “Land of Northern” back in 2017/2018.

Not only that we have got another driving force who will help us to spread our 80s metal around the world. We have also managed to get a global distribution of our upcoming album as well. More info and pre-order link will follow.

Well, we just mentioned above about our upcoming album. It’s planned for release during the latter part of the year (order here)! We have been writing new material for some time and you can expect a fully-loaded album with 80´s metal in a somewhat 2000’s style. The ruler from the sea will once rise up from depth.

Northern Steel

With inspiration from our old heroes from the past, we decided to take it even further and have invited several of our dear friends from a bunch of leading bands to join us on the album. The album has been named “Northern Steel” and those who know their history know what happened almost exactly 40 years ago …