The ink has just dried – Neptune CD on its way

Land of NorthernMany of Neptune’s songs have been available online for the last 10-15 years. Who put them up and spread them? We don´t know, and to be honest there was no one in the band who had time to actually care.

More and more comments appeared on YouTube and on different forums about the songs and a few of them even had up to five digit in streams/play which is rather cool.
This made the record company Sonic Age / Cult Metal Classics to show interest in re-release several of the songs.

Neptune – Land of Northern

The record deal is now signed. Early 2018 the CD, Land of Northern, containing 12 songs recorded between 84-87 will be released. We know that there are many collectors out there. So the Record Company decided to release it on CD as well as on full-blown vinyl, even with some extras.

More information will be available later in 2017. If you want to be sure not to miss any info about the upcoming release. We recommend that you sign up below and you will be notified when info is available.