After the dust has settled

Neptune SWE 2018
First, we want to thank all our fans around the world for all the support and feedback we got. We were really taken by surprise that during these 30 years when we were in the dark. The band has reached much further out in the world then we ever could expect. We have got feedback from fans from all over the world as from countries such as Chile, Greece, France, Lithuania, Portugal, Brazil and the USA to name a few. Once again, many thanks to our loyal Neptune fans out there.

Neptune – live and dangerous

We have received a bunch of questions about when we will play live again. No dates are set yet but discussions are ongoing with several festivals and venues. To prepare for that, we are currently in our rehearsal studio to create a live set that not will disappoint anyone.

Neptune releases new material

Having said that. We have also just entered the studio to show you guys how 30 years have affected us and our sound. Not many people know that in addition to the 13 songs that we recently released on the Land of Northern. We almost has as many unreleased songs from the 80’s in our vault. These songs have never been played live or been on any demo cassette.

Several of these older songs will get some smaller rearrangements in the next couple of month. Two of them will be released digitally already during the spring. In addition to that, we also work on some new material.

Below are some selected reviews for the Land of Northern disc

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