Changes of state

Time is as we all know it one very in explainable thing. Invented but we all live by it and in it. Looking back 31 years ago, none of us in Neptune could in our wildest dreams imaging that we should write and produce music once again.

But the strange thing with time is also the change that occur over time. People change and how things work. We got this opportunity out of the blue and none of us hesitated before we jumped on the train. Some of us I must say maybe too fast without really thinking it through what it would mean for our present life that we all had built around us.

With that in mind, we must unfortunately announce that we have reached a moment where we need to refine Neptune and adjust to present time ruling. Our outstanding drummer Tommy Mikk and the incredible Johnny Oyster, both decided that this was a good run and has recently decided to call it a day. With that said, we all got the opportunity to finally release the long-gone album Land of Northern at last.

But no shadow will ever fall on our former friends and colleagues as they always will be an important part of our Neptune family. Me, my brother Roland and Anders will refine the band into something that is in line with all things depending on the current time demands and durability which is needed from us from now on. So, we’ll be looking forward together with you, a new dawn for Neptune.
More news will follow shortly.

Ray “Rafven” Alex