Release dinner, raffle and signing of CD

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Yea, and that’s a day that we more or less has been waiting for over 30 years. We went into the studio sometime during spring 1986 and expected to have the album in our hand later that year. As we all know, that didn’t happen.

Christian Liljegren & Ray Alex ” Yes Christian your name is here as well”

Who´s the winner?

Finally we sit here with the CD in our hand and looking forward to goals that were not expected us to have just a few months ago. But before we start with the planning of album 2 and upcoming gigs. We took the advantage of pick the winner of our competition. A competition where you could win our CD, signed by all the band members.

I’m not going to reveal the winner right now… (drum roll). You’ll have to watch the actual video clip below to see the full draw. However, I can reveal that we did not hand out just one CD, but also a vinyl. That even if it isnt released yet.

If you did not win the contest and still want to get your hands on the album, there are still a few ones left at our record companies warehouse.

A special thanks goes to …

We also invited Kristian Liljegren (Narnia), who was a very important part of this record release. Unfortunately, Janne Stark (the Swedish company’s Swedish representative) could not participate because he was already booked for other duties for his band Grand Design.  A friend of Johnny, Micke Lund who has been a Neptune fan for a long time filled his place instead.  And of course, a special thanks goes to all of you who already have ordered the CD!

Land of Northern

More photos from the release party to be found in our “Social Media Noise” gallery.

To wrap up this special event. The whole band wants to thank Janne, Manos and Kostas from Sonic Age Record/Cult Metal Classics. It’s all because of them we sit here in a nice restaurant with some good food, a cold beer and our album in our hand. Only after 30 years after it was recorded. Now we hope to see you guys at different rock festivals around Europe later this year.