Neptune MK 4 rules… once again

Once again it´s time for some changes in the Neptune’s headquarter. As many already know. Earlier this summer Neptune released two old (newly recorded) songs. Just for quickly release something while also expand our playlist for upcoming shows. However, we have a number of songs in our vault that were never released either as demo or on record earlier. These songs will be recorded in a near future.

With that said, we would like to thank our very good friend, drummer and producer for all his help with releasing the songs “Keep Us Alive” and “Dreamer”. Tosh will now move on to new adventures but will still be part of the Neptune collective as a musical advisor and driving force.

Those who know their Neptune history might remember that the band had another drummer back in the 80’s. The drummer was Jonas “Jonzy” Wikström and he was a part of the band in the later part until the band’s breakup. Jonas will from now on take over Tosh’s drum sticks and will once again be part of Neptune.