A new beginning – Neptune MK 5

As mention earlier this week, two of the band members decided to call it a day. To be fair, Neptune as a band had after 30 years fulfilled one of their main goals from the 80´s which was to release a CD.

When all of this happened were we about to enter the studio to record our upcoming single release. It just happened that our old friend Tosh Ason who is our producer and musical inspirer for this project also is a great drummer which we knew from an earlier post-Neptune project.

Anyway, it didn’t take long time to convince him to pick up the drumsticks and be a part of Mark 5 of Neptune. However, we are still looking after a string bender to fulfil in Johnny’s absence, and who knows, maybe even someone who can deal with the black and white keys as well.

Tosh Ason

It was a great honor when I received the request from the band, how could I say no. Not a chance, you only live this life once and I love classic metal as much as I love this bunch of guys.

Tosh Ason